Monday, May 13, 2013

Accounting Before Dayton

     The Dayton Hamvention is this weekend. I, along with thousands of other hams, will be in attendance. Also, along with thousands of other hams, will be deep in debt by the time I leave. Not really, but it is a candy-store atmosphere and I have a shopping list an arm's length longer than my budget.

     Before I leave this Thursday afternoon, I am doing the normal things: packing, programming for the repeaters along the way, and preparing my wife for what might follow me home. I've also decided to prioritize my list into three categories:

  • What I "Need":
    • A set of CW paddles (new or used, but must be light enough for QRP expeditions
    • Anderson Power Pole Connectors
    • Dual Time Zone Digital clock
    • New paper log book
    • A copy of The Complete DXer
  • What I Want:
    • A Watts Up Meter 
    • A pair of 4.5Ah Gel Cell or AGM Batteries
    • Heil Proset
    • A Tribander for the tower I'm planning on erecting this summer
  • If I Find a Bag of Money Along the Way:
     What do you think of my list? Am I missing anything? Do you have a bag of money you're looking to dump on a worth ham?

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