Friday, May 17, 2013

Dayton Day 1: Wanna See My Booty?

Well, day 1 is in the bag and I'm smoked! My feet are feeling it, but I ended up with some great new gear. Before I tell you what I got, here is the disclaimer: no prices, my wife might be listening. :)

CG Antenna Ltd. Remote Auto Tuner

At a fraction of the cost of most remote auto tuners, I cannot wait to see how this performs. Look for a detailed review in a few weeks when I have a full wave loop on 160 attached to this tuner.

MFJ-888 Frequency Counter

Now that I'm building transceivers, I really needed this.

American Morse Porta Paddle

Had to have a new key for my nearly finished Hendrics PFR-3, right?

Anderson Power Pole Connectors

I can never have enough of these. I also picked up a Red-Dee 2 PS-4 Power Pole splitter, so I can charge HT and run my QRP rig from my solar/battery setup.

Weaver Throw Weight

This is cool. It's a small canvas bag loaded with lead shot. It will be a small simple addition to my field kit. Getting wire antennas up will be much easier with this guy.

EndFedz EFT-10/20/40 Trail Friendly Antenna

This little guy was the find of my day. I have a soft spot for EndFedz in the field. They are simple, easy to set up, and the work. This model is their newest addition and, as you can see, it is tiny. It will handle 10 watts and fits in my pocket along with my wallet. Which is so empty now that the last sentence might not mean too much.

Tomorrow, I'm focusing my energy on the flea market. I know there's a gem hiding out there with my name on it. Now I'm heading to bed.

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